Last Projects

The last projects I worked on are very related to specialty coffee shops.
Somehow, with a Barista background, it was very easy for me to apprehend this thema!

I like to discuss a lot about the projects in order to have a precise idea of the desired outcome. I believe communication is key to work together, so even if you have no idea precisely of what you want, I am here to help and guide you!


Branding: creation of logo, product packagings & website

Go Slow is a specialty coffee shop based in Japanese countryside, so we went with a bold minimalist approach going along with the quiet ambiance of the place.
The logo represents the coffee drop slowing falling from the dripper.


Creation of logo + product packagings

Balance is a specialty coffee shop based in Saudi Arabia. The idea here was to have a classy, minimalist logo, in a simple yet modern packaging reflecting the sharpness, quality and high-rank of Balance.

Jasper Sawyer

Album cover projects

The album title being “Mangoes”, we worked around that theme, and tried to reflect the fantastic, soft touch of the songs. As well as the summer feeling of Los Angeles where the album was recorded.